Why you are not creative!

Some people and personality types are more creative than others, there is no question about that fact. However, everyone is creative no matter how it's defined. Many just don't think of their skills as creative. Their reasons are numerous. One I'd like to remove from the list comes from too tightly defining what creativity is.

Creativity is finding a new way to fund R&D. Creativity is setting up a network to better utilize your hardware or help your staff. Creativity is hiring the people who will lead your company 10 years from now. Creativity is looking at a problem from a different perspective. Creativity is finding a way to do something - when a common path is blocked.

You'll notice that I didn't mention anything about marketing, design or the arts. Certainly that is how many define creativity, and those are valuable pursuits, but they don't hold exclusive rights to creativity.

To unleash creativity and action in your organization, make a point to publicly redefine creativity. Then, encourage new thinking about old processes. You'll be delighted by the results.