Consistency may make you remarkable!

If you are relentlessly consistent people will notice and reward you. Shoot, you'll be a hero! Think of all the times and situations when you value consistency.

  • Policy application at a company with whom you do business
  • The umpire's strike zone
  • Driving your car - or how others drive theirs
  • Policy application at your company

I know there are many more or subsets of those above, but you understand the point.

We tend to notice when someone is inconsistent because it upsets the balance. We calibrate our expectations based on experience. When that experience changes, we get confused. If it changes in a negative way, we get frustrated. The converse it also true.

Notice I said 'someone' is inconsistent. I didn't say a company is inconsistent because it is individuals that make consistency decisions. A company that recognizes inconsistency in their staff will train accordingly and reap the benefits.

This week look for ways you or your company can become more consistent. Then, take steps to make it happen. Both your bottom line and your customers will love you for it.