Pushy sales people make more sales

Apparently some people believe this to be true. Why else would they do it? Some are certain to argue that it must work or they would not do it. I'll grant you that it might work - ONCE.

But, most sales related jobs rely on repeat business and referrals. You won't get many if you are pushy.

Note - Asking for the sale is different, but you can do that without being pushy.

If you create a positive experience, consistently for your customers you will make more sales. I know the training manual might say that once they leave the showroom/office/lot you have xx.x% less chance of making the sale. However, if the customer dislikes the experience they won't buy from you at all, or they will resent it or you. They sure won't refer you.

Be human. Ask questions. Be authentic. Address concerns. Don't push.

marketingDoug Pals