Clear communication is the next killer app

Mark my digital words. Clear, well-considered communication will be a trait that makes someone a lot of money in the next 20 years. Most certainly that communication will be about a product or service that is remarkable, but chances are someone will use their great communication skills to develop something worth talking about, or at least to build the team to create the product.

We are connected and communicating more than ever before - and often saying less. Certainly the speed in which communication is allowed contributes to our inefficiency.   Inefficiency in this case = noise. When there is noise we invent things like mute buttons, caller ID, and spam filters.

I love having choices about how we may communicate with one another, but eventually everyone gets weary of noisy chatter and wants something of substance:  a challenge, a conversation, a  book or a great product that solves one of life's hurdles.

Foster clear, concise communication for yourself and those around you. It will set you apart and it might even make you or your company remarkable. Now that's something worth talking about.