Is your work art? Should it be?

We waste a lot of time worrying about stuff, rather than just doing something productive. Or new. Or creative. Or heaven forbid, really innovative. The reasons are endless and boring. With all the stats and analytics these days, we have the mistaken notion that we can completely understand what customers (people) will do in any situation. We can't. Sure we may understand trends and options, but by the time we think we understand, the path is well-worn and tired. It has become science.

Science is fine, but it kills creativity and real innovation. I love science and all that it does for us in our daily lives. I really, really do. But that does not mean that we all have to be scientists. Many of us are artists of some sort of another. So we need to make good art.

In business language, art = innovation, however you care to define it. Why aren't you (and I) creating more good art? Find what is stopping you and remove or ignore it for a day, a week or a year. Until you can make good 'art' in your context.

Check out the video below or see it here from Neil Gaiman and this from Seth Godin about his new book The Icarus Deception.