New jobs, old jobs and telling the difference

Seriously, how do you view your role in your company? What are your boring, routine tasks AND what are your larger responsibilities?

Certainly we all need the ability to 'turn off' work and not carry around the problems, challenges and blessings we experience in the workweek. And yet, we are in a 'always on' world. Staff, who doesn't at some level appreciate and respond well to this fact, may find their seat at the table moved or removed. Organizations today need people who create solutions where only problems existed before, or to create value where expense was the common viewpoint.

Because it is so thought-provoking, I'm not just providing a link to blog post - but I'm also including it right here. Enjoy the content then consider your role and those of people around you.

Who goes first? Initiating a project, a blog, a wikipedia article, a family journey--these are things that don't come naturally to many people. The challenge is in initiating something even when you're not putatively in charge. Not enough people believe they are capable of productive initiative.

At the same time, almost all people believe they are capable of editing, giving feedback or merely criticizing.

So finding people to fix your typos is easy.

I don't think the shortage of artists has much to do with the innate ability to create or initiate. I think it has to do with believing that it's possible and acceptable for you to do it. We've only had these particular doors open wide for a decade or so, and most people have been brainwashed into believing that their job is to copyedit the world, not to design it.

That used to be your job. It's not, not anymore. You go first.

~ Seth Godin