2% + 5% DOES NOT = 100%

You don't have to be a math major to know 2% + 5% doesn't = 100%. However, I see plenty of people who react to the 2% to 5% who whine and complain, as if they represent the opinions of 100% of their customers.

I've witnessed the 2-5% rule in many places and ways. They're your customers that hate their life and they want you to hate yours too. They think their water is too wet, the sky is too blue and their ice cream is too cold.

I attended a lunch and learn today led by Mike Wagner of the White Rabbit Group and held at ScaleFaster.com (thanks Doug Mitchell) that was about building your brand - but through a very thoughtful process. At the core is WHO is your right customer and WHAT do you want their experience to be.

If you answer these questions well and stick to your compass (you'll have to ask Mike about the compass), you won't worry so much about the 2-5% because you may never end up serving them. And, if you do, you'll understand that although their cash is green this time, they're not your 'right customer' anyway.

If you make the experience right for your right customer, your business will thrive.

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