An Untouchable lesson: What are you prepared to do?

I love the movie The Untouchables. Like all great stories it has layers. Very often those layers provide opportunities for teaching or learning if you're inclined to consider the full context of the scene, dialogue or situation. The scene below is just such an occasion.

What are you prepared to do?

Not in the context the film uses, but rather what are you personally or professional prepared to do? What is your company prepared to do?

It is an invitation to answer the call, if you are prepared to act, or to prepare yourself if you are not.

Maybe you need a plan. Or, maybe you just need to just follow the plan you have in place. Possibly you need to make some hard choices. Or, it might just be you need to buckle down and do whatever is in your path.

So, what are you prepared to do? Action is required. It is your move.