Ditch the jargon, make more sales

I didn't think this topic needed to be covered again, but apparently it does.

When you are selling anything to anyone or when you are developing a product or service, for crying out loud please don't use industry jargon or acronyms. Not ever.

If you currently have some in your sale literature or on your website, please start purging it immediately.

The reason, which is apparently not as clear as it should be, is that customers don't know what the heck your lingo means. Nor do they care. And, when they don't know, guess what they do? The leave and buy from someone else unless you are family, and then they still might leave.

Few customers set out to learn a new language when they are trying to buy something, and if they do want this they can get their fix with Google while researching.

If you get into the sales process far enough you might need to introduce some 'tech spec' talk in order to draw a distinction, but you certainly don't need to lead with this stuff - even if the buyer is an IT manager. Shoot, even they like simple - easy to understand language.

Ditch the jargon and you'll have the opportunity to make more sales.