Does technology make you less civil?

We have all done it. And at the same time, we all dislike it...or should.

We've checked our phone while with another person. In a car. At a restaurant. During a conversation with friends. It has become the norm, but it shouldn't be. Technology is making us less civil and courteous to one another and it is a trend that shouldn't continue.

You'll notice I'm not calling out young people because they are not the worst offenders, and they are still learning (or should be) proper social niceties.

Interestingly, mobile phones are not the only type of technology that helps us be less civil to one another.

Answering machines have long allowed people to screen calls and avoid those whom they don't wish to speak. Now caller ID and voicemail have allowed that to be taken to another level.

Interestingly, people don't return phone calls like they should either, even when they were the originator of the engagement. I wonder if it is an extension of the avoidance that they have long practiced.

Many communications companies are pushing the 'it will wait' message regarding texting while driving and I certainly agree with that on all levels. I hope to at least make you think about using technology to help you communicate better with others. Use it to help your civility and courtesy, rather than making it a barrier.

Think about this next time your phone vibrates in your pocket or purse, when you are with others. Your relationships will be better for it.