Marketing is trivial

I had something else planned for today, but it seems trivial now. I'm not devaluing learning and growing in your profession as a marketer, salesperson or executive. But, I want to be somewhat more personal.

Events recently in Aurora, CO or in Evansdale, IA and Penn State need to make us pause and consider how we treat one another. Further, if we know someone is struggling - a little or a lot, we need to act. First to help them and second to protect others. Helping doesn't need to be filled with drama; often small acts may redirect someone's path in a better direction for them and ultimately others.

We live in one big community, and while we have our different customs and priorities, people want largely the same things: Opportunities for success and safety for themselves and their families.

We are all in a position to help someone and sometimes the moment to help comes up quickly. Other times you can see it coming and prepare. Regardless, please take the opportunity to help those you touch using compassion and persistence.

They will benefit. You will benefit and others you don't even know may benefit.

Thanks for all you do. Blessings to all.