Replace search for silver bullet with hard work

The story is the same. Everyone is looking for a silver bullet. The perfect recipe, or that one-hit to make the money flow in and their job easier. While the truth is that most success is earned through struggle, hard work, adjustment and perseverance. This is true in many areas of life and marketing is no exception.  Marketing folks are tempted just like everyone to run to the hot new and shiny item of the day/month/year. Every 'traditional' or 'old school' method of marketing was at one point a shiny new toy.

The quiver of arrows just gets bigger, and the customer's ability to shield themselves grows as well. But the temptations that remain are: A) use them all or B) find the one or two 'that work' and use them exclusively.

Neither of these options are correct for everyone, and to suggest otherwise would overly simplify customers. Humans are complex and their buying decisions are immensely diverse. However, the one thing they want is to feel a connection with a company or brand. Yet, how that feels and is translated is different for everyone.

We often say this is a relationship or experience we want the customer to have with our company. Most of the time it is a human connection and at other times it is a feeling or sense of understanding that defies definition. But with any relationship, asking for permission is almost always welcome and further builds the bond.

Work hard with building relationship with customers by getting their permission to serve them. Your efforts will pay off for both of you.