Purpose and passion are 'self serve'

These days you can outsource many responsibilities in your business. Often, you and your customers are better served by doing so because you can hire great expertise at less cost than it would take to employ them in-house. You'll likely gain some efficiencies too. But, there are at least two areas you can't hire out:

1. Your company or organization's purpose


2. The passion it takes to sustain the organization or company

One can't be sure of the reason some companies try to outsource these core elements. My guess is they are tired or they are lazy.

I've seen this done under the veil of 'planning' where an organization wanted the facilitator to lead them to their passion or purpose. In reality, they were not willing to do the soul-searching work it took to get to the answers they needed. Granted, sometimes you may need the assistance of someone to help you with unpacking the 'how' of your purpose, but never the 'what'.

I urge you to do the work. If you don't know how, try this. Shut off all electronic devices and go to a place you cannot be disturbed for a few hours. Without distraction, it may not even take this long. Be sure to take a pen and a legal pad with you.

  1. Then, ask yourself this question: Why do people come to your business or organization?
  2. If you are failing and need to make a change, the question might be: Why do you want them to come to your organization or business?
  3. Then, ask yourself this: What really makes me excited about our business?

Discovering these answers will invigorate and excite you. If it doesn't, you have not found your purpose or passion.