You get more bees with questions!

Sales. Team building. Marketing. Or, just getting along with others. This skill will assist you in Imagemany areas. Today there are numerous ways to interact with people. Facebook. Phone calls. Email. Skype. And yes, even face-to-face. This method will work with all of them.

It has nearly miraculous warming effects on people. The better you get at this the more positively people will think of you or your company. They’ll remember you. You likely will make more sales and build more brand equity. You'll probably be happier too.

What is this wonder skill? Questions.

Ask questions in a kind and polite manner and doors will swing wide open for you.

It takes sincerity. Failure may be painful because false sincerity is worse than rudeness. Consistency is needed to prove your sincerity at times.

If you show an interest in the people, remember names and use them to address those in which you speak, you’ll stand out and be remembered. Remember the sincerity rule here because you don’t want to be ‘that guy’ that over does this.

People care about their own interests and wants. That is not a fault; it’s just a fact. They might need what you have, but given the choice they’d rather get it from someone who is interested in them.

Done right. You’ll get more bees with questions. I promise.