Do you feel safe to make the wrong decision?

Trust is the cornerstone of a good company, and a good family for that matter. Many fathers celebrated yesterday and I’d be willing to say that many cards had words similar to “thanks for helping, protecting and loving us.” I’m glad so many fathers are deserving of such praise.

Though companies are NOT families, they need many of the same things from their leader (whether female or male): assistance, safety and love, which are the foundation for trust.

If you are a manager at any level, you are entrusted with the care of those you manage. They need to trust you. You need to trust them. This is never a one-way street and it always starts with the leader. Always.

This can be somewhat scary if you are a new leader or just starting to build your culture. You’ll feel exposed. If you do, then you’re doing this right.

When your staff feels safe to make a tough decision because they know there's a trust safety net should things go wrong, productivity will soar – theirs and yours.

Need more upside? Decisions will get better because trust leads to more open feedback on the front end, which leads to better results. Obviously, part of trust is holding people accountable to their expectations. Expectations provide the guidance everyone needs to be successful.

The best news of all is trust works for everyone from marketers to technicians regardless of industry.

I've heard many great stories about how trust has been demonstrated. What are some of yours?