What is easier: construction or destruction?

Why is it that when budgets get tight - marketing or marketing related projects take the first hit?

I am sure we all have our own ideas, but consider this not so novel thought for a moment. Is it easier for most people to demolish a structure or build one? Demolish, right?

Exactly, and that same concept is what is at play with budgets. Often CEOs that lack the ability to build an organization, or a least the vision to see what something could be, begin to whittle or hack away at what may be an organization's most viable asset - its brand and the people that craft it.

Often the root cause of the budget problems may stem from the CEO's lack of vision or inability to address a correctable situation with staff or product or both. That lack of action seems to often end up at the same place - the CEO cutting in places that seem 'traditional'. All that shows is a lack of leadership ability coupled with blinders for the big picture.

Organizations with the best people and ideas win. That is not novel or new, but it does seem to be ignored a great deal of the time by far too many business 'leaders'.