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What We Do

Marketing is a term tossed around a lot these days, and often the meaning is different to each person.

We try to keep it simple: Marketing builds and solidifies relationships with customers, so they buy from you – even when they have other options.

  1. We believe that marketing starts with product development & pricing and ends with creative ways to promote and sell products or services to customers.
  2. We listen and work to understand the business you are in. We know just because you are committed to doing marketing well doesn’t mean you want to spend a fortune.
  3. We believe in spending every marketing dollar wisely, as well as to make sure everyone understands the purpose of different types of marketing.
  4. Our client relationship philosophy and fee structure is conducive for your success. Call or email us and allow us to listen to your needs.
  5. We believe in forging a strong ’employee like’ relationship with you, so rather than watching the clock we’re working on your marketing strategy or implementing it.


There is an overflowing quiver of arrows we can use to market your company, and this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Marketing strategies and plans
  • Product development
  • Corporate identification – logos, slogans, campaigns, etc.
  • Brand and image development
  • Company communications – newsletters, media releases, etc.
  • Staff training and coaching
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Pricing and product analysis
  • Market research

Contact us so we can start listening to what you want to achieve.