Make an appointment with your 'thinker' self

As we all get pulled in more and different directions are you saving any appointments for yourself? There are many things we all do everyday and we switch from role to role, often without thinking.

We have the administrator role - where we manage our relationships with co-workers and clients. Where we fill out our time sheet, process payroll, do monthly reports or manager our to do lists. You know the drill. This stuff is valuable, but I doubt anyone that thinks like a marketer looks forward to doing this stuff when they get out of bed in the morning. But, it needs to be done...and on time to boot.

We have the creative role - where you think of cool stuff to do that will sell more product or create awareness or move some type of change. The details that surround this are many and fun. As these ideas move toward implementation they begin to morph into the administration role duties. This is fine because it is great to see ideas turn into actions that turn into excitement, understanding or higher sales.

We also have the role that I'll call the thinker role, or at least we should. This is the place that I see many busy professionals - including myself at times - not making time in their day for strategy, consideration and general thought.

I know some make appointments with themselves for projects they need to work on or communications they need to write. However, seldom do you give yourself permission to sit and think about some of those ideas on your someday/maybe list or that idea you wrote on the mirror yesterday morning. That idea or those thoughts matter fact they might matter more than getting that email sent before noon.

You can't be "on point" for every second of your work day, all week long. At least none of the great staff people I have had the joy to work with over the years could do it. So, make an appointment with yourself and keep it. It will allow you to do some deep thinking about your work, write your blog post or brainstorm about the mirror idea.

Make your appointment and keep it. You will be glad you did, and, if you are lucky, it will become the best habit you have.