Why do your customers block you?

We have a lot of communications tools to use to reach customers these days.

And customers have a lot of ways to block or screen those messages from reaching them. Have you ever considered why that happens?

I cannot point to research (although I am sure it exists), but from my experience and from those I've observed, the reason customers put up walls is because they are getting messages they don't want - or at least not when and where they want them. Therefore, they develop ways to screen messages or block them altogether.

Certainly this is an evolution of sorts. When media and mass media was new, we purchased time to interrupt our customers to get them to consider our message/offer. When the messages get so abundant, customers go running for cover - with DVRs or ipods or voice mail, just to name a few 'screening' options.

I offer this food for thought today, so you can consider how you are communicating with your customers. Is it permission based? Can they opt in to methods of communication that they want?

All customer bases are somewhat unique and certainly all businesses are, so I encourage you to think about your customers and your business. Consider using your full quiver of arrows...even some that can be blocked or screened, but also be sure to provide communications options that customers have a voice in the 'how' and the 'when'.

In doing so, you will be remarkable and your loyal customers might just become positive word of mouth champions for you and your business.

UncategorizedDoug Pals