"Marketing" doesn't have to be hard

I had a conversation with someone the other day that doesn't think like a marketer (their words, not mine). And that got me noodling on that idea.

Since I think like a marketer, diving into creative ideas to solve problems comes naturally. But I think marketing, and learning to think like a marketer, is more than that. One needs to understand what the ailment is before any marketing prescription is filled with hopes of healing.

Changing your product mix or where the checkout counter is will not raise your name awareness in your market.

Measuring the results of your marketing efforts is either time consuming or difficult, depending on your perspective. And even when done well, 'measurement' might not show the whole story.

So, before you let a radio or newspaper account executive tell you what you need, find someone that thinks like a marketer and invite them to lunch. Think of them as your personal business doctor.

UncategorizedDoug Pals